Can Natural Supplements for Anxiety Replace My Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drug use has never been so popular. Whether it's children diagnosed for ADD, teenagers prescribed anti-depressants, adults dependent on Xanax, there are a lot of drugs floating around that affect our brain, our psyche and our well-being.

Top 4 Natural Supplements for Anxiety

Learn about Kavalactones


The known active ingredients in kava are phytochemicals called kavalactones. These kavalactones give kava its stress fighting, muscle relaxing effects. Kavalactones are responsible for kava root’s calming, anxiolytic, and in some cases euphoric effects. The kavalactones are...

Health Benefits of Kava

Health Benefits of Kava

Kava can help offset a number of problems, most notably stress, anxiety, and disrupted sleep patterns. However, kava’s anxiolytic (anti-panic or anti-anxiety agent) and calming properties can offset many other stress and anxiety related ailments. Learn everything about...

How to Find Your Kava Dosage

For thousands of years, people native to the South Pacific Islands consumed kava for reasons ranging from ceremonial to recreational. Today, more and more people around the world are turning to kava for medicinal purposes.

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Learning How to Let Go: A Quick Guide for Perfectionists

I’ve had what I call the unfortunate blessing of being deemed a perfectionist: someone who always seems like she has it together. I used to believe that I constantly needed an annotated five-year life plan. I needed it to feel like I had control, and I needed the perfect answer when people...

How To Stop Spiraling Thoughts and Get Back in Control

To good friends of mine, it’s a well-known fact that I hate the unknown. Letting go is a practice that I genuinely have to make an active effort towards every day. Something that coincides hand in hand with this, which also happens to be a talent of mine? Catastrophizing.

3 Tips to Stay Positive When Life Gets Hard

I've had a pretty blessed life. At 26, I have a family and friends that I love and a job that satisfies and challenges me. However, recently an international move that coincided with the birth of my son led to a time of lots of paperwork, lots of big decisions, and lots (boatloads, actually) of...