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Voice-Guided Meditation for a Deep Restorative Sleep


Use this voice guided meditation every evening along with 1Hour Break® to enjoy a deep restorative sleep. Through this guided meditation your muscles will relax, your breathing will become slow and deep, and your restless thoughts will be replaced with dreamlike imagery.

Follow the simple instructions of muscle relaxation, sympathetic breathing, and replacing daily thoughts for dreamlike imagery. Repeat these three inner skills until you fall asleep.

Step by step instructions

To begin, choose and prepare your audio listening device then shutting off all of your other devices – minus the one playing this video.  This can be your smart phone, tablet or even laptop computer. There is no need to watch the video, just listen to the soothing voice guide you to sleep.

Step 1: Start your meditation by first using 1Hour Break® to initially calm any restless thoughts. We recommended a minimum of 10 sprays to begin with. Feel free to adjust your dose and use more if you need a stronger effect.

Step 2: Begin playing the guided sleep meditation program. Lie down in a comfortable position under the covers, stretch your legs, and rest your palms on your stomach or by your head.

Step 3: Close your eyes and begin breathing through your nose using sympathetic breathing. 

Sympathetic Breathing Instructions
A great, simple breathing exercise for calming both the nervous system and the overworked mind is a timed breath where the exhale is longer than the inhale. Inhale for a count of two… hold the breath in for a count of one… exhale gently, counting out for four… and finish by holding the breath out for a count of one. Keep your breathing even and smooth.

If the 2-4 count feels too short try increasing the breath lengths to 4 in and 6 out, or 6 in and 8 out, and so on. But if longer breaths create any anxiety there is no need to push your self. The most important thing is that the exhale of your breathe is longer than the inhale, not the absolute length of the breath.

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