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What is a Kava Kava High Like?

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First off, what is kava?

Kava is a tropical herb native to the South Pacific Islands where they have been cultivating kava for thousands of years. Now people all around the world are praising the benefits of kava and using it in overcoming anxiety and other modern ailments.

What Does a Kava Kava High Feel Like?

A kava "high" isn't really a high, it's more like an augmented state of relaxation. If you've never taken kava before and would like to try it, here's an idea of what you can expect.

First, when you consume the kava, whether in drink or spray form, you will feel a numbing sensation. This numbing is an instant effect of the kava plant. It's an enjoyable feeling, though a little intense if it's your first time. 

Next, you will start to feel a sense of comfort and relaxation.

After you ingest the kava you'll start to feel relaxed and a general sense of well-being within about five minutes, which is why many people rely on it to help them come down from anxiety attacks or moments of extreme stress. Learn more on how to stop an anxiety attack with kava.

The feeling of well-being doesn't feel synthesized as it can with heavy sitmulants like adderall or cocaine, and it doesn't lead you to feel out of control or overly uninhibited like alcohol. The effect of kava is more like experiencing the effects of meditation or exercise- your mind simply feels clearer, calmer, and more optimistic, as if you've been refreshed.

While you are in this stage, you will typically feel very open to social interaction and have a general feeling of goodness towards the people you're with.

Kava can deepen the bonds of friendship and make people who struggle with social anxiety feel less afraid. It may seem like someone you were nervous around suddenly doesn't seem as frightening, which is probably the way in which kava most resembles alcohol. All in all, you become more social, but in a calm, confident way, not a manic, over the top way.

Lastly, get ready for the best sleep if your life.

After the nice effects of well-being and desire to be social, you may slowly start to feel ready to sleep. Some Many people who suffer from insomnia use kava as a sleep aid similar to chamomile or Xanax. The great thing about kava is that you will not suffer from any negative side effects the next morning. Also, while some people have an opposite reaction to medications like Xanax or Benedryl, actually resulting in them being more stimulated and awake, this reverse effect is very rare with Kava, so you can drink it knowing that a great night sleep lies ahead.

If you are feeling stressed and want a natural calm without all the side effects, kava may be for you.

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